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Alientech Kess V2 THE REVIEW

Lets take a look at the Alientech Kess V2 OBD flash tool. This tool I would class as the most popular tool on the market today for a few reasons.


First of all I would say that it has probably the widest coverage of vehicles with its strengths in particular to older vehicles and Marques such as Ford and Jaguar. Having widest range of protocols meant that this tool, in particular the slave version being the number 1 choice for vehicle remapping franchises to build networks with. Putting the slave tool aside as this has no function to a professional chip tuner, lets look at the master version.

So apart from having the widest range of vehicles what else does the Kess V2 have going for it.


kess1For a start the GUI is very user friendly, this would be an advantage for novice users as all vehicles are set out individually with models and engines all separated so the user can easily identify the correct vehicle.

It also has a very broad help section, so every time you select a vehicle, the tool will automatically give information on correct cables to use or how to read the vehicle, again very user friendly.

There is on the master version a file back up folder where original files for some ID only vehicles can be stored, this enables the user to have an original file to hand instead of having to bootload the ECU or search for an original file.

kess2Another plus for the Kess V2 is that it comes standard with a bootloader function for flashing some ECUs on the bench such as Bosch me7.x.x and Visteon DCU102 where a read function is unavailable.

The tool has industry standard features such as a battery real time monitor, a recovery function, scan tool function to clear down DTC’s and automatic checksum correction where available. On some ECUs a flash counter reset is also available.

Overall the Kess V2 is quite a stable tool 90% of the time. However, lets take a look at the negatives.

The Negatives

kess3It does on occasion struggle with some protocols and with perseverance it usually manages the job.

Another downside to the Kess is it’s data transfer rate when reading out some vehicles. Some ECUs have been known to take up to 3 hours to read out. Even some basic Bosch EDC16 on Kline have taken up to an hour to read out.

This becomes more of a hindrance for busy tuning shops and mobile tuners as standing around for hours isn’t making money.

In Summary

I would score the Kess a 7/10.

Positives for me would be the coverage of older vehicles, and the ease of use with its GUI for dummies platform.

Negatives are long read times and instability with some controllers.  Alientech also seem to be the last to release new protocols.



Remap by PrecisionCodeWorks


The worlds first and only automated ECU tuning / calibration platform for gasoline and diesel vehicles, simply upload and configure your tune according to hardware modifications from the worlds best known brands. Modify and select turbocharger models and even injector size to build your ‘custom’ remap file.

The system currently supports most Bosch, Siemens and Delco systems and is updated daily.


ECU Tuning Files

At PrecisionCodeWorks our technical team are proud to announce our new file tuning service.   Our team is made up of qualified digital technicians and qualified calibration engineers who have merged their expertise to produce the best precise ECU tuning files possible for your vehicle.

Our tuning server is programmed to detect and match key map patterns and data structures within any ECU file.  Once these maps have been detected and matched exactly we allow the user to select which options they require for their tuning file.  Once a selection is made we automatically remap the ECU tuning file  in under 30 seconds.

Our competitors can take up to 4 hours to manually ‘custom’ remap a tuning file or rely on a import wizard without reviewing the calibration changes or know what they are.  This can result in mistakes or missed variables or the non detection of a modified file resulting corruption and conflicts.  All our PrecisionCodeWorks remapping techniques have been tried and tested, producing exactly the same tuning file no matter what hour of the day or day of the week.  We are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Checkout a video one of our customers did on a BMW 1 Series

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