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Wholesale ECU file tuning prices

We have recently updated our pricing structure and so we wanted to explain how our pricing works and how you can take advantage.


In order to get your ECU tuning files you will need to purchase credits from our platform.  In general 1 credit will provide 1 ECU tuning file, however if the vehicle is regarded as a premium vehicle (e.g. Bugatti Veyron) then you may require more than 1 credit to tune the vehicle.  But in general this is very rare and 99% of the tuning files on the PCW platform are 1 credit.

The credits can be purchased in a number of bundles, including 1, 10, 25, 250 size packs.  See below a summary of the costs (GBP) of our credits (excluding Taxes / VAT):

  • 1 Credit Pack – £50
  • 10 Credits Pack – £450 (single credit cost £45)
  • 25 Credits Pack – £1000 (single credit cost £40)
  • 250 Credits Pack for wholesale customers – £6250 (single credit cost £25)

Please note anyone can be a wholesale customer.  There is no requirement other than purchasing the large credit bundle in one transaction.

Also please remember that all of the ECU tuning files we provide are custom made based on the original ECU file you upload to our unique platform.  We would advise against re-using files for other engines other than the engine using the original ECU file you provided.

If you have any questions or would like to pay via bank transfer then please get in touch at or you can give us a call on +44 (0) 800 612 2774.

Remap by PrecisionCodeWorks


The worlds first and only automated ECU tuning / calibration platform for gasoline and diesel vehicles, simply upload and configure your tune according to hardware modifications from the worlds best known brands. Modify and select turbocharger models and even injector size to build your ‘custom’ remap file.

The system currently supports most Bosch, Siemens and Delco systems and is updated daily.


Autosport International 2015

DSC04978           DSC04956

The PrecisionCodeWorks team start 2015 at the Autosport International Show. A great day out for all the team meeting and chatting with tuning companies and hardware vendors such as Dimsport srl.

2015 is a very exciting time for us all here at PCW with the nearing completion of our ‘skynet’ project, and the release of our respective gasoline and diesel tuning interface. We are supplying some 400 clients around the globe with remapped ECU calibration files 24/7 365 with the worlds only online automated calibration server.

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