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Autosport International 2015

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The PrecisionCodeWorks team start 2015 at the Autosport International Show. A great day out for all the team meeting and chatting with tuning companies and hardware vendors such as Dimsport srl.

2015 is a very exciting time for us all here at PCW with the nearing completion of our ‘skynet’ project, and the release of our respective gasoline and diesel tuning interface. We are supplying some 400 clients around the globe with remapped ECU calibration files 24/7 365 with the worlds only online automated calibration server.

Performance Car ECU Tuning

01 – 01 -2015 PrecisionCodeWorks – will deploy the long awaited gasoline ECU tuning platform, this will complement or existing diesel system, the unique platform will allow users to select then configure any vehicles ECU tune based on the hardware fitted to the engine. Our development team have gathered an array of the worlds best known components and included calibration routines to support such modifications as air filter, intercooler, turbocharger, injectors size, spark plug heat range, camshaft spec and exhaust system.


The start of the ECU Remap Portal – Hello world!

Welcome to the ECU Remap Portal!

This is hopefully the start of a great resource for engineers to come and read, share and inform each other about all aspects of engine ECU tuning and remapping.  Hopefully we should be able to start covering topics such as:

  • News – The latest happenings in the industry.
  • Guides – Specific remapping guides for particular vehicles.
  • Research – The bleeding edge research of the tuning industry.
  • Reviews – Reviews of Hardware & Software.

We hope that you will enjoy the Portal and if you have any specific requests for topics, please let us know via twitter or other social media.

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